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In the Media

Hal Baron, JARC Board Member & Harold Washington Adviser

JARC Board Member Hal Baron was known as Mayor Harold Washington’s “idea man.” He passed away January 18. 

Providing Pathways to STEM Jobs

Featured at the U.S. News STEM Solutions Conference held in Baltimore last week, programs like JARC help individuals from low-income or underserved communities gain STEM skills for jobs in a variety of industries.

JARC's Employer-Driven Training Programs Featured in Medill News Service

Guy Loudon, JARC's Excutive Director, said businesses are struggling to find qualified candidates for “middle-skilled” manufacturing positions, many of which give non-college graduates the opportunity to earn incomes well above the national average.

Baltimore Companies Are Finally Talking Training

Baltimore employers, funders, and community organizations like JARC Baltimore are charging in to get more people more good-paying jobs.

JARC and LISC Partnership Featured on The Balancing Act

Lifetime's The Balancing Act recently featured JARC and its partners LISC and the MetLife Foundation for their tireless work to promote financial empowerment.

Training the Workers of Tomorrow in Maryland

Maryland’s growing advanced manufacturing base will get a shot of booster fuel this summer and beyond from an exciting new program in Northwest Baltimore, JARC Baltimore.

Car Donation Helps JARC Graduate Move to Self-Sufficiency

JARC partner Women With Drive donates cars to low-income women to drive them out of welfare and down the road to self-sufficiency. Caress, a JARC graduate, received Women With Drive's first ever car donation, a 2010 Nissan Altima.

JARC Launching Job Training Program in Baltimore

JARC, with 30 years' experience in the field, will move into a former elementary school in the Park Heights neighborhood in Baltimore that was the site of a similar training program that closed last year. The center will offer programs in welding and running computerized machine tools, skills that are in demand now and expected to be in the future in advanced manufacturing, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said.

Bass Guitars Manufactured in Chicago and Played Around the World

JARC partner and tenant Lakland Bass discusses what goes into the making of the bass guitars that are favored by many superstar bands, including U2 and the Rolling Stones. 

Manufacturers Revive Apprenticeship Programs

"The skill shortage is getting more and more acute every day," said Craig Freedman, President of Freedman Seating Co., a manufacturer of vehicle seats who is partnering with JARC to develop an in-house apprenticeship program.

JARC Puts the Unemployed with Few Options Back to Work

With the support of Chicago Tribune Charities, a McCormick Foundation fund, JARC helps unemployed Chicagoans with obstacles to employment get back to work. 

Christine's Success Story

With the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago's support, JARC is helping jobseekers with barriers to employment, like Christine, get the skills training and support services they need. 

Lessons in Cultivating Policymaker Champions

JARC, as a member of the National Skills Coalition, has been focused on keeping its congressional delegation informed and educated on Illinois’ middle-skill gap, the innovative training practices and partnerships we've developed to impact this challenge, and key ways federal policy can better support workers and employers. 

Senator Durbin Visits Metro West Manufacturing Collaborative

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin visited the new Metro West Manufacturing Collaborative, a collaboration among JARC, Career Connect Metro West, and Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing to expand JARC's existing advanced manufacturing and welding training courses and help unemployed and underemployed residents get high-need manufacturing jobs in DuPage County.

JARC and LISC Welcome Chicago's Office of Financial Inclusion

September saw the introduction of a new ally for JARC and LISC in the work to help low-income families gain financial stability with the formal announcement of the City of Chicago’s Office of Financial Inclusion (OFI). Chris Vargas, JARC's Manager of Financial Services, spoke about the importance of financial stability for self-sufficiency.  

JARC's Suburban Initiative Helps Find Jobs for the Unemployed

The Metro West Manufacturing Workforce Collaborative secured $200,000 from DuPage County in April to launch the program, a partnership including Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC), Career Connect Metro West, the Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing and DuPage United. This initiative will address the workforce gap in DuPage County for mid-skill manufacturing jobs.

JARC and Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership Help the Unemployed Get "Job Ready"

The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership aims to get the unemployed "job ready" and back on the payrolls. The agency funds organizations, like JARC, that support people who are looking for jobs, training, career planning and much more.

Leadership Spotlight: Guy Loudon

Guy Loudon, Executive Director of JARC, discusses how involvement with the National Skills Coalition has helped advance JARC’s mission. He also shares his take on the evolution of workforce development and best practices learned from his work in the field.

Building Credit from Scratch

As of this month, the average household has more than $15,000 in credit card debt. While many people shied away from taking on debt after the housing market crash and great recession that followed, JARC is actually helping people get credit cards -- all in the name of building their credit.

Effort Seeks to Train Workers for Suburban Manufacturing Jobs

The Metro West Manufacturing Workforce Collaborative, anchored by JARC, DuPage United, and the Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing, will help unemployed and underemployed residents get manufacturing jobs in the suburbs.

Not Enrolling in Obamacare Will Hit Home at Tax Time

JARC's healthcare navigator Barb has been warning consumers that they will pay a tax penalty if they don't sign up for insurance very soon.

DuPage Group & JARC Work to Link Workers with Manufacturing Jobs

This new initiative, a partnership between JARC, the Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing, and DuPage United, will link jobseekers in DuPage County and throughout the western suburbs with manufacturing jobs.

The Obamacare Lady: What Made Me Want This Job?

JARC’s own In-Person Affordable Care Act (ACA) Counselor Barb shares her challenges and successes in helping Chicagoans enroll in affordable healthcare.

A Chicago Seat Maker’s Quest for Skilled Workers

Freedman Seating is over 120 years old but growing like an adolescent. In its struggle to find skilled workers, the company often turns to JARC.

Freedman Seating and JARC Partner to Address Skills Gap

Freedman Seating’s relationship with JARC goes back 20 years. It has used the program to retrain incumbent employees, and more recently has been hiring from its Careers in Manufacturing Programs.

JARC’s Dual Customer Approach Yields Benefits for Low-Income Adults and Employers

By training students in high-demand occupations like Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinist and welder, JARC graduates find living wage jobs while employers gain a skilled workforce.

Affordable Care Act Enrollment: A Struggle but Worth It

With the support of LISC Chicago, JARC’s In-Person Affordable Care Act (ACA) Counselor is helping individuals navigate the complexities (and technical difficulties) of applying for health coverage.

Top U.S. Official in Charge of Community Service Visits JARC

The Corporation for National and Community Service CEO Wendy Spencer visited JARC to learn about how our Center for Working Families bundled financial support services and job training model transforms the lives of low-income adults in Chicago.

JARC Teams with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to Issue NIMS CNC Credentials

JARC has recently teamed with the Streamwood, IL operations of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to train the company’s CNC Machinists in a variety of essential on-the-job skills including math, print reading, CNC machining, and CAD/CAM.

Impulsan Carrera de Mujeres Soldaduras

Antiguamente se pensaba que los trabajos de soldadura eran oficios sólo para hombres; ahora este pensamiento es cosa del pasado. Al menos así lo cree la mexicana María Sotelo, de 37 años.

Manufacturing Skills Go Regional ... and Personal

Khalelah Ervin has been bounced around by the Great Recession long enough to know you can’t be sure about much of anything these days.

State Department Lobbies for $10 Million to Fund Training Programs.

Job training funding for manufacturing companies remains critical for economic growth in the region.

JARC's Financial Opportunity Center Best Practice Program Model Recognized Nationally

Local Initiatives Support Corporation has opened 68 Financial Opportunity Centers, or Centers for Working Families, in 22 cities across the country. And JARC has been held up as a model for the rest.

JARC’s Manufacturing Programs Featured in Crain’s Chicago Business.

JARC's Women in Manufacturing Program is revolutionizing the shop floor by placing women in nontraditional occupations.

Training Women for Skilled Production Jobs

JARC's Women in Manufacturing Program looks to get more women into skilled production jobs to help them as well as labor-starved employers.

JARC's Women in Manufacturing Program on Nightly Business Report

JARC's innovative Women in Manufacturing Program links low-income women with living wage jobs through welding training.