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Center for Working Families

The Center for Working Families (CWF) at JARC provides bundled financial support services to program participants and community residents, including:

  • Income Supports
  • Financial Coaching

These services are delivered in one-on-one meetings by appointment and / or in a group setting, such as financial education workshops. Bundled financial services are also woven into all of JARC’s Sectoral job training programs.

The CWF model of bundled financial services complements the agency’s core competencies in job training and provides a more holistic strategy for helping individuals and families transition out of poverty.

What programs are offered?

Component programs include:

  • Income Supports – Provides eligibility screening for public benefits, such as unemployment, social security, food stamps (SNAP), energy assistance (CEDA and LIHEAP), as well as referrals to other external agencies and resources.
  • Financial Coaching – Helps program participants to develop a financial plan for life through tools such as combined financial assessments, family budget, credit reports and credit remediation, debt reduction plans and asset building. The financial coach helps individuals and families improve their financial health by developing mainstream financial behaviors and strategies.

What is the cost to the program participant?

There is no cost for these programs. The CWF at JARC provides free services to participants enrolled in our job training and adult education programs.

  • Funding for the CWF at JARC is provided by the Social Innovation Fund in cooperation with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).

How can I sign up for these services?

These services are available to participants enrolled in the Careers in Manufacturing Programs (CMP) or Adult Learners Programs & Services (ALPS). CMP application sessions are held every Wednesday at 9 AM, and ALPS information sessions are held every Wednesday from 5 - 6 PM, both held at 4432 N. Ravenswood. 

There is no need to reserve a spot; however, you must be on time.

You may also call 773.751.7104 for more information.