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JARC's Real Estate Affiliate - Jane Addams Development Corporation (JADC)

JARC was launched as an economic development project in the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor in 1985. One of its earliest and most effective strategies for industrial retention centered on the acquisition and rehab of commercial space for manufacturing use.

Today, JARC’s real estate affiliate, Jane Addams Development Corporation (JADC) owns and operates five commercial buildings for industrial use. JARC’s industrial buildings house 51 firms with 321 employees.

JARC and JADC’s third acquisition, the Honore (2002), houses the Training Center for the Metalworking Trades and all of JARC’s sectoral job training programs.

Beyond the goal of industrial retention, these investments constitute JARC’s lead social enterprise. With over $6m in assets, JADC has provided stability and support to JARC throughout its evolution.

Properties include:

raven pic The Raven
4432 N. Ravenswood, Chicago, IL 60640
32,000 sq. ft - 12 Tenants - 80 Jobs
delta pic The Delta
4410 N. Ravenswood, Chicago IL 60640
33,000 sq. ft - 9 Tenants - 100 Jobs
 honore pic The Honore
4222 N. Ravenswood, Chicago, IL 60613
33,000 sq. ft - 15 Tenants - 70 Jobs
 Carroll pic The Carroll
4015 W. Carroll, Chicago IL 60624
22,000 sq. ft. - 3 Tenants - 21 Jobs
 berteau pic The Berteau
1801 W. Berteau, Chicago, IL 60613
12 Tenants - 50 Jobs

For more information, contact Carol Conklin, Real Estate Board Chair.