Margaret Haywood (1963-2018)

Champion of Workforce Development

Margaret's trainees went on to work at the city’s best restaurants and catering companies.

Margaret's trainees went on to work at the city’s best restaurants and catering companies.

Helped people exit poverty for good

A friend and leader at Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC) has passed away after a four-year battle with cancer. Margaret Haywood, MSW, worked for JARC as Director of Training Services earlier in her career and later joined its Board of Directors.

After Margaret graduated from Lawrence University, she moved to Chicago. She began her non-profit career working with the Vietnamese Association and other Asian refugee programs. She came to JARC in the late ‘90s and served as Director of Training Services.

Margaret returned to JARC as a member of the Board of Directors in 2008, and served as Board Chair from 2010-2013. As a board member, Margaret had a special interest in Governance. She left the board during her first fight with cancer but eventually returned after beating it the first time. Margaret was an excellent presenter, and she came back to JARC many times to present on many different topics. Her personal favorite was "Social Enterprise - Scared Straight."

After JARC, Margaret went to Inspiration Corporation where she ran training programs including the Inspiration Cafe in Garfield Park, a social enterprise model that engages homeless individuals in job training in culinary and hospitality skills. Margaret took great pride in the success of trainees who went on to work at some of the city’s best restaurants and catering companies, giving them the opportunity to exit poverty for good.

As a 20-year resident of the Ravenswood community, she was a passionate advocate of city improvement programs.

Margaret entered home hospice in August 2018 when her condition took a turn for the worse. She spent her last weeks and days surrounded by the friends she had made throughout her life. Margaret was tough, practical and no B/S. She had a dry sense of humor, sometimes dark. She loved the Beatles.

“Margaret had such an ingrained sense of decency and felt such a powerful affinity for those living in poverty. Above all, she felt that everyone had a right to live with dignity and purpose. The story of her career and the culture of her programs modeled those values,” said Guy Loudon, JARC President. “She had an impact on everyone in her life. She meant a lot to people at JARC, and we will miss very much.”

A memorial service was held Nov. 3, 2018, at the Inspiration Cafe, 3504 W. Lake St., Chicago, IL 60624.