A Very Special Mother’s Day

Devoted mom. Skilled welder. Artist. Sandraetta is all these things and more. But above all, she's committed to her daughter.

Her previous job was as a cake decorator, and she loves making beautiful desserts. But she needed a better paying job without sacrificing time with her daughter.

That's when she came to Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC).

The skills she developed as a cake decorator helped her naturally transition to welding. Skills such as teamwork, patience, and taking charge of rapidly unfolding situations translated quickly from the kitchen to the shop floor.

While working with JARC's financial coach, Sandraetta set up a payment plan on her defaulted student loans, working to rehabilitate them and eventually improve her credit.

Sandraetta has been working full-time at Brennan Manufacturing as a welder for almost a year now and recently got a raise!

Happy Mother's Day to Sandraetta and all moms working to improve their lives and lift up their families!