Alma's sTORY

A Strong Confidence

Alma came to JARC wanting to start on a new career path. She had always been interested in engineering and CNC seemed like a great fit for her. She found out about JARC from a recommendation from an organization she was part of called TMA (Tech and Manufacturing Association).

“I never thought this would become a passion, but it really has. JARC prepares you for a career and you get so much experience on the shop floor. JARC has taught me how to run the mill and the lathe and not to be scared. It was very scary at first, but now I know how to use all of the tools.”

Alma said one of her favorite parts about JARC was how in depth the programming was. She said it will continue to serve her in her career. She also mentioned how much she loved her overall experience at JARC and all of the people she met along the way.

While in her CNC program, she had the opportunity to be a shop lead and manage newer trainees on the floor. “I wasn’t a people person at that time, but that experience helped me quite a bit. Now I am applying for more shop lead positions. I was able to gain leadership experience and so glad that I did.”

Alma discussed how important the soft skills lessons were. “They really touched based on the interviews. They make you practice several times and the mock interviews were so helpful. JARC is so connected to other companies and I know they can always assist me if I want a new role.” She found her first career from Director of Business Services, James Yoo. “He sent out a blast email and recommended me for the role.”

“I came from a different field and going into something completely different was a lot, but I think my confidence grew so much since starting. JARC made me feel like I was ready to move forward with a career and in all aspects. Confidence was what I gained the most.”

Alma explained that she loves sharing all of her knowledge with people and this has truly become her passion. She currently works at Lyon & Healy as a machinist, making parts for harps.