QUincey's sTORY

Life-changing Experience

People who come to JARC often face various challenges in their life, from financial insecurity to limited educational opportunities. One commonality that we hear when talking to our grads, is the desire to start something new that will allow them to write their own story. “I would say my life was rough. I didn't have a lot of direction and it took me a minute to figure things out.”

Quincey started the CNC Program at JARC in April 2022, after he did some research to see what career opportunities were available. When he found JARC, Quincey felt called to try a careers in manufacturing. “Something told me just go for it, and I applied and then, my life did changed”.

Quincey experienced transportation challenges and other financial barriers when he first started at JARC. However, because Quincey discussed these obstacles with his program coordinator, JARC was able to help him with car payments, bus fare, and other resources that would enable him to complete the CNC program at JARC. “They made life easier by helping pay my rent more than a few times, as well as my phone bill.” Quincey truly believes JARC’s programs are designed to help people succeed. “I've seen multiple people who have transportation issues, but JARC is more than willing to help with that issue”. When asked for advice for those who want to apply to JARC’s manufacturing programs, he said: “If you're having second thoughts to do it, I would say just get there, because the overall process is well worth it.”

Quincey reported that he felt really connected to and supported by Adonis (JARC CNC Instructor), who helped him navigate through the curriculum and master the skills he needed to become a CNC Machinist: “He always explained stuff in detail or further depth if we needed to go over certain things. Just his overall layout and how he orchestrated his class was amazing”. James (JARC’s lead on employer engagement) also was key in his professional development. Quincey received around 10 sessions of employment counseling while at JARC, where he was able to participate in mock interviews, build his resume and determine which jobs he wanted to apply for. “James was incredible, he took the time to explain that the worst thing that any job or anybody can say is ‘no’, but you always have to give your best and keep going”. Quincey obtained two credentials while in JARC’s program from the National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) in Milling and Turning. He graduated and started working as a CNC machinist at JMI Industries in Chicago Heights in September 2022 making $21.00 per hour. Quincey said he loves his job and is thriving; “I've noticed that I've actually gained more knowledge than some people, and that makes my job a lot easier.”